Why You Should Move to Freeport, TX

With its seaside proximity and small-town vibes, Freeport ranks highly among Texas’ plethora of relocation destinations. Trying to find somewhere to call home is a tall task for anyone. Discover below why this quaint, coastal town is so appealing for so many home seekers. Here’s why you should move to Freeport, Texas.

Is Freeport Safe?

The first and foremost concern that people have to consider when looking to move anywhere new is safety, of course. Crime statistics report Freeport as average in terms of safety. However, historical data shows a downward trend in crime over the past couple of decades. This upward trend in safety appears to be sustainable as the town continues to expand and improve its infrastructure.

What is Freeport Known For?

American Europeans first settled in the area of Freeport alongside the Brazos River, the region where the first Europeans landed in Texas. For this reason, the town serves an important role in the origins of Texas history. The Texas Historical Commission included Freeport as a historical site along the Texas Independence Trail; an organic memorial that follows the celebrated story of Texas Independence.

It wasn’t until 1912 that the Freeport Sulphur Company founded the small city of its namesake. Freeport initially represented a meager population of only 300 people, but that number steadily grew to over 3000 by 1929. In 1939, when the DOW Chemical Company established facilities in Freeport, the city population dramatically increased to over 4000 people. The DOW Chemical Company remains the largest city employer to this day.

Freeport merged with the nearby city of Velasco, Texas in 1957. The harbor of Velasco housed the famous Brazos River Lighthouse, until 1967 when the DOW Chemical Company bought and dismantled it. Velasco also once served as the temporary capital for the old Republic of Texas, only further cementing Freeport’s rich history.

Is Freeport a Good Place to Live?

Freeport is a part of Brazoria County, and the city’s estimated population is over 12,000 people. Although the city’s population numbers are trending upward, Freeport remains a modest-sized town. Those who prefer the hustle and bustle of Houston at a healthy distance relish in the town’s suburban atmosphere.

For anyone looking to raise a family, the education system is a noteworthy point of pride in the town. The limited population grants students more one-on-one care and attention from teachers. As for the quality of that care and attention, the Freeport education system is credited with a “Very Good” rating for these reasons: above-average high school graduation rates, impressive college enrollment numbers, and renowned extracurricular activities to enhance the classroom curriculum.

Move to Freeport - Schools

Freeport’s lowest average temperature drops to a lukewarm 49 degrees. Residents aren’t having to layer up too much with winter apparel. Meanwhile, the dog days of summer peak at a sultry average of 90 degrees. But those gulf breezes deliver a bit of cool relief through the extended Texas summer months.

For those who really want to get down to the brass tax, Freeport residents enjoy a low cost of living relative to Texas and the United States. The average cost of a home in the US is nearly $185,000, while the average home in Freeport costs just over $70,000. A move to Freeport promises to be a favorable situation for any family looking to get their feet under them.

What to do in Freeport?

With some of the best attractions and activities in Galveston Bay, the Freeport motto is “Where Fun Happens.” Nestled along the naturally preserved Bryan Beach, a move to Freeport is the ideal destination for all the outdoor types out there.

Whether it’s a deep-sea angler tossing bait off one of the town’s fishing charters or a seaside hobbyist burying their toes in the sand and casting a line into the breaking waves, Freeport is one of the premier spots for fishing in all of Texas. And for freshwater enthusiasts, there is also the Brazos River, which is a fabulous place to go kayaking.

Move to Freeport, Texas - Marina

For anyone who prefers to admire the wildlife rather than catching it, take a trip to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge to get a glimpse of the area’s diverse bird population. The best time to visit is the springtime during the migration season. Not to mention, spectators can expect to catch a glimpse of the refuge’s alligator population, so be sure to keep a keen eye out.

If it’s been a long day, lay down the beach towels and breathe in the coastal scenes of Surfside Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the Houston area. And while you’re there, grab a bite to eat at one of their many great ocean-side restaurants. Or, visit the Freeport Municipal Golf Course for one of the best bang-for-your-buck golfing experiences in the Greater Houston area.

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