A Few Reasons You Might Want to Move to La Marque, TX

Are you considering a move to La Marque, TX? If so, you’ll want to read this guide first! In it, we’ll cover everything from the cost of living and housing to job opportunities and schools. Whether you’re starting your research or ready to take the plunge, keep reading for all the info you need.

Is La Marque Safe?

According to Neighborhood Scout, La Marque has a crime index of 5 out of 100. This means that La Marque is less safe than almost 95 percent of all US cities. To that point, La Marque has a crime rate of 47 crimes per 1000 residents. That is one of the highest crime rates in America, from the most remote towns to the densest urban sprawls. Even when it comes to similar-sized towns, there are few worse than La Marque’s rate of 47 crimes per 1000 residents.

More specifically, 11 percent of those crimes are violent offenses; and the remaining 89 percent of those crimes are property offenses. Still, both of these are well above average. Overall, La Marque is less safe than almost 97 percent of all Texas towns. By the numbers, the odds of becoming a victim in La Marque are considerably higher than in most places.

What is La Marque Known For?

La Marque is known by many names. First, La Marque was known as the Highlands because of its proximity to Highland Creek. However, there was already a community known as Highland. So the residents came up with the name La Marque, which translates to the “the mark” in French. La Marque has also been referred to as Buttermilk Station. During the Civil War, many soldiers purchased buttermilk from local dairy farmers on the railroad trip from Houston to Galveston.

To that point, La Marque developed as an agricultural community. And it flourished as a railway town when four major railroads reached the city. Eventually, it became a residential community for industrial workers at the nearby Union Carbide plant and other factories in the area. Texas incorporated the town in 1953 when Texas City failed to annex La Marque.

Is La Marque a Good Place to Live?

La Marque residents enjoy pleasant Gulf Coast weather and a diverse job market within the flourishing Galveston Bay economy. Apart from that, the education system is ranked as “academically acceptable” by the Texas Education Agency. Above all else, La Marque is an appealing relocation destination because it’s one of the most affordable places to live around Galveston. According to BestPlaces, which represents the average cost of living in the US with a score of 100, La Marque has a cost of living score of 82.5, compared to Texas’ already low score of 93.9. As a result, the La Marque housing market is especially consumer-friendly to new homeowners. The median home cost in La Marque is roughly $162,000, while the median home cost in Texas is approximately $243,000. Not to mention, the value of home appreciation in La Marque is above average compared to the rest of the US.

What to Do in La Marque?

The most famous attraction around La Marque is a day trip to Galveston Island. But there are still plenty of cool and exciting things to do around this vibrant community, from urban lagoon escapes and one-of-a-kind food truck parks to first-class rodeos and trendy art cafes. La Marque also hosts several public events that are popular with people all over Galveston Bay. Bayou Fest is a fall concert series with BBQ cook-offs, food trucks, and events for kids. And during the holiday season, La Marque is home to Magical Winter Lights, a 52-day lantern festival.


If you’re considering a move to La Marque, TX, be sure to keep these things in mind. It’s a super affordable place to live with an abundance of things to do, from local festivals to day trips to Houston or Galveston Island. We hope this information has been helpful!

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