What to Know Before You Move to Richmond, TX

Are you considering a move to Richmond, TX? If so, you’ll want to read this post first! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about living here, from the cost of living to the quality of education. We’ll introduce you to some of the best things about living here. Whether you’re in the research phase or already packing up your bags, here’s an overview of the info you need to move to Richmond, TX.

Is Richmond Safe?

With a CrimeGrade of B-plus, Richmond is not only one of the safest communities in Fort Bend County but also in the Greater Houston area. For context, CrimeGrade aggregates local crime data and compares that data to other towns to come up with a crime grade that reflects one town’s safety relative to the next. Richmond’s grade of B-plus puts it in the 74th percentile for safety. This means only 26 percent of all US cities are safer. The safest parts of Richmond are the residential areas in the northwest; therefore, most crimes in Richmond are committed in the retail-centric parts of town heading northeast towards Houston. When you take this into further consideration, living in Richmond appears even safer than the already positive data suggests.

What is Richmond Known For?

The city of Richmond is deeply rooted in Texas history. In 1822, a dozen of the Old Three Hundred settled what is now known as Richmond; there, they established Fort Bend. However, they abandoned the settlement during the Runaway Scrape of 1836 when General Santa Anna commenced his campaign for the conquest of Texas. In 1837, Robert Eden Handy and William Lusk established the town of Richmond and named it after Richmond, England. Later that year, The Republic of Texas incorporated Richmond as one of its original 19 cities. Richmond’s early residents include some of the most famous figures in Texas history: Texas Ranger Erastus (Deaf) Smith, Jane the “Mother of Texas” Long, and the Texas Republic President Mirabeau Lamar. In 1855, the Buffalo Bayou-Brazos-Colorado Railway laid tracks through Richmond, enabling Richmond to prosper as a hub for Texas’ cattle empire.

Is Richmond a Good Place to Live?

With a close-knit community of 12,000 people, Richmond is the perfect place for anyone looking for a low-cost, family-friendly community. The town provides a healthy environment to raise a family with peaceful neighborhoods and an above-average school district.

Richmond offers a favorable job market for new and experienced professionals. The top five industries of the Richmond economy are manufacturing, government, retail, healthcare, and technical/professional services. With an economy rooted in such optimistic industries, the Richmond job market projects to trend upward. To that point, the town’s median household income of $50,000 is rather inspiring compared to the US’s median household income of $57,000.

It’s also reasonably affordable to establish roots here. According to BestPlaces, which represents the average cost of living in the US with a score of 100, Richmond has a cost of living score of 99, compared to Texas’ score of 93.9. In addition, the Richmond housing market is rather accessible for new homeowners. The median home cost in Richmond is roughly $188,000, while the median home cost in Texas is approximately $243,000.

What Is There to Do in Richmond?

The town of Richmond is a pillar of Texas history. So there are plenty of fascinating historical sites and museums to visit; some of these include Morton Cemetary, Fort Bend Museum, and George Ranch Historical Park. There are also some pretty cool craft breweries and social clubs to check out throughout town, such as Braman Winery & Brewery. Richmond residents also enjoy convenient access to the Houston metropolis. And the city offers an array of equally fun and scenic parks.


If you’re looking for an active, friendly community where you can make unforgettable memories, look no further than a move to Richmond, TX.

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