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A Few Reasons to Move to Spring, Texas

Texas is a big state with a lot of small towns worth exploring. If you’re looking for a charming place to live, Spring, TX should be at the top of your list. Here are a few reasons to move to Spring.

Is Spring Safe?

Spring is a very safe place to live. The crime rate is well below the national average, and the local police department is highly rated. If you are looking for a safe and family-friendly community in which to buy a home, Spring is an excellent choice.

What is Spring Most Known For?

Spring is a town located mostly in Harris County, Texas, United States. The population is roughly 55,000 people within the CDP area and roughly 80,000 people within the greater area known as Spring. Founded in 1838, the town originally started in the area now known as Old Town Spring. Old Town Spring is now a tourist attraction with shopping, retail, and large annual events such as the Crawfish Festival. The town’s economy is mainly based on retail and tourism. Major employers in the area include Klein Independent School District and Lone Star College. Overall, Spring is a thriving community with a rich history and a bright future.

Is Spring a Good Place to Live?

In addition to being safe, Spring is also a great place to raise children. The town is renowned for its picturesque streets and friendly neighborhoods. It boasts a highly-rated public school system and a family-friendly atmosphere. This makes it an ideal place for young families who want to provide their children with a high-quality upbringing. In addition, Spring has a variety of parks and recreation facilities, as well as shopping and dining options. The cost of living in Spring is slightly higher than the national average, but this is offset by the low crime rate and high quality of life. If you’re looking for a safe, welcoming community with plenty of amenities, then Spring is the perfect place for you.

What to Do in Spring?

There’s plenty of family-friendly fun in Spring. There are parks and nature preserves teeming with beautiful sights to see, like TRG Wildlife Park and Zoo or Pundt Park. Because of the city’s longstanding history, Spring is a one-of-a-kind destination for antiquing and vintage shopping. And there are fascinating museums and galleries, such as the Thomas Kinkade exhibit at PTL Gallery. Ghost tours are also an exciting adventure to delve into the spookier parts of historic Spring. Commercial attractions like TopGolf and Escape Room are also great for a day of family fun. This charming city is full of surprises, from nature parks and animal sanctuaries to antique shops and ghost tours.


Spring, TX is a great place to live for many reasons. If you’re looking for a suburb that has all the benefits of city life with a small-town feel, Spring is perfect for you. With plenty of things to do and an amazing community spirit, it’s easy to see why this charming town is growing in popularity. If you’re considering making a move to Texas, be sure to put Spring at the top of your list!

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