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What to Know Before You Move to Tomball, TX

Are you considering a move to the greater Houston area? If so, you may want to take a closer look at Tomball, Texas. While it’s often overshadowed by nearby cities like Houston and The Woodlands, Tomball has plenty to offer its residents. There are many reasons to include Tomball on your shortlist of potential places to live. This suburbia features an excellent school system, a thriving arts and culture scene, and plenty of recreation. Here are four reasons to move to Tomball.

What is Tomball Known For?

Located 37 miles north of Houston, Tomball is a Greater Houston community with a population of upwards of 10,000 people. The city was established in 1907, with a history deeply rooted in Texas’s oil, railroad, and natural gas industries. This rich past, paired with its proximity to Houston, has allowed the city to develop a big-city vibe in a smaller, rural town setting.

The city is remarkably diverse, with a suburban blend of big-city amenities and small-town appeals. Any Tomball travel guide will reference its proximity to Houston for some of the state’s most prominent and popular pastimes. As for the city itself, Tomball is well equipped with enough recreation and amenities to keep all ages interested and busy with something. No Tomball moving guide would be complete with mentioning the town’s most popular sources of entertainment: golf, disc golf, paintball, kayaking, hiking, biking, art exhibits, nature reserves, annual festivals, and ghost tours.

The city also carries a reputation as an outstanding destination for foodies. The town’s restaurant and bar scene are ripe with beer breweries, country cooking, and homemade desserts.

Is Tomball a Good Place to Live?

As the Greater Houston area continues to lure people in, Tomball is becoming a little more suburban every day. 73% of the population is Caucasian. The remaining 27% is an amalgam of African American, Hispanic, and Asian communities that diversify the city’s ethnic profile.

The city’s status in the oil, railroad, and natural gas industries provides a plentitude of employment opportunities. But Tomball always aims to bring new businesses and prospects to the area. The Tomball Economic Development Corporation negotiates with companies and their partners to develop the city’s job market. As a result, the city’s administration has boosted employment opportunities with evolving careers in medicine, technology, and education.

The public and private schools in Tomball are award-winning institutions that prepare students for an evolving workforce. And those looking to continue their education have access to excellent higher learning facilities at Tomball’s Lone Star College divisions. Lone Star College is one of the best resources for affordable, quality higher education in Texas. They offer programs ranging from certificate courses all the way up to doctorate degrees.

There’s a home for everyone in Tomball. Whether you’re looking to buy an apartment or land, luxury properties and custom-built subdivisions can suit any budget and lifestyle needs.

Is Tomball Safe?

Making any city feel like a place to call home is a community effort. Tomball residents stand hand in hand to ensure that Tomball is the perfect place to raise a family. Read here for more detailed crime ratings in Tomball.

Tomball is home to an array of safety services. The fire department and police force all work together to serve the community with their everyday needs. The town also offers free CERT team training for those who want help during natural disasters.

What to Do in Tomball?

There are plenty of activities and activities to check out in Tomball. Tomball’s shopping scene provides residents with everything to meet their needs. Shoppers will rejoice at the boutiques and shops located downtown. If you want to feel like a local as soon as possible, the Chamber of Commerce hosts Tomball Night every August. For the past 45 years, this event has showcased the city’s best restaurants and retail businesses.

Get back in touch with nature at one of Tomball’s nature preserves. Tomball is a fantastic place for all outdoorsy Texans, whether camping, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, or relaxing on the front porch. Also, History buffs will be enamored by the town’s historical sites and museums, such as the Tomball Railroad Depot and Museum.


If you’re looking for a great place to live, Tomball is definitely worth considering. With its excellent schools, affordable living, and diverse culture, Tomball has something to offer everyone. Safe and secure communities, small-town values, and big-city comforts; you really can have it all here in Tomball. So what are you waiting for? Move to Tomball today!

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