Your Weekend Guide for What to Do in Rosenberg, TX

If you’re looking for a great place to visit in Texas, consider Rosenburg. This charming town is overflowing with plenty of attractions and activities. Without further ado, here are the top 8 things to do in Rosenburg, TX.

Rosenberg Railroad Museum

things to do in rosenburg -- Rosenberg Railroad Museum
Facebook / Rosenberg Railroad Museum

Located in the heart of downtown and modeled after the original train depot, Rosenberg Railroad Museum honors the town’s deep-seated railroad history. The 1972 Mopac Caboose gives insight into what life was like working as a conductor and living on the lines. And the 1879 Quebec Railcar is a three-bedroom business car that now stands as one of the oldest structures in Fort Bend County. Other railway artifacts include Tower 17, built in 1903 and retired in 2004 by Union Pacific. And The Bathhouse was a washroom for rail workers that dates back to the late 19th century. The museum also features other railroad-related exhibits. The central gallery examines the role that railroads played in the town’s development. And the Railroad Garden brings that history to life with a to-scale recreation of the 1950s Rosenberg. There is also a smaller-scale model train room to explore.

1921 Avenue F, Rosenberg, TX 77471

Visit Rosenburg Railroad Museum’s Website

The Vogelsang

things to do in rosenberg -- The Vogelsang
The Vogelsang Performing Arts Center

Constructed in 1910, the Vogelsang Building is one of the most historic sites in downtown Rosenberg. Now known as Vogelsang Antique Emporium, this eclectic structure is an all-inclusive shopping and entertainment destination for the whole family. The Antique Emporium sells an array of vintage furniture, one-of-a-kind antiques, railroad memorabilia, priceless collectibles, and rare editions of books. In addition, The Vogelsang Building houses a family of locally owned businesses. Complete the foodie triad with a comforting brunch at Ol’ Railroad Cafe, a sweet treat at Beeline Baking, and an evening of wining and dining at BR Vino. Or, book your tickets with Cast Theatrical Company for an entertaining evening of community theatre. They perform works by Agatha Christie, Tennessee Williams, and more.

1909 Avenue G, Rosenberg, TX 77471

Visit The Vogelsang Performing Arts Center’s Website

George Ranch Historical Park

things to do in rosenberg -- George Ranch Historical Park
Fort Bend History Association

The George Ranch Historical Park is a must-see for anyone interested in Texas history. Founded in 1824 by the George family, who were among the first settlers in Richmond, this working ranch spans over 20,000 acres. The park is divided into four periods: the 1830s, 1860s, 1890s, and 1930s. Each era features historic home tours, interactive exhibits with costumed actors, hands-on demonstrations of ranching activities like cattle working and blacksmithing, and more. Visitors can tour the luxurious Ranch home while learning about the area’s storied history and seeing how Texas settlers survived the daily labors of ranch life. The park offers a variety of cowboy-themed activities, such as horseback riding, hayrides, and longhorn drives. In addition, the park hosts a number of special events throughout the year.

10215 FM 762 Rd, Richmond, TX 77469

Visit George Ranch Historical Park’s Website

The Black Cowboy Museum

things to do in rosenberg -- The Black Cowboy Museum
Facebook / The Black Cowboy Museum

Larry Callies belongs to a family legacy of Black cowboys, from his father to his great-grandfather. Through his lineage, Callies founded The Black Cowboy Museum to highlight the hidden history of the Wild West. By celebrating the untold stories of iconic figures like Bass Reeves, Bill Picket, and Nat Love, this heritage museum is preserving the overlooked legacy of the Black cowboy in America. Moreover, by rectifying the oversights of the past, the museum is creating a better future. Callies condemns the prejudices of Old Hollywood for white-washing the mythos of the American West. So he’s optimistic to see his truth being told through recent Black Westerns like “The Harder They Fall.” In fact, The Black Cowboy Museum has been such a hit that Callies plans to expand the museum into a facility three times its current size, especially as the museum receives more donations and artifacts.

1104 3rd St, Rosenberg, TX 7747

Visit The Black Cowboy’s Museum

Fort Bend Museum

things to do in rosenberg -- Fort Bend Museum
Fort Bend History Association

The Fort Bend Museum is committed to preserving the history and culture of Fort Bend County. The museum features a variety of exhibits that showcase the evolution of Fort Bend County over time, from a group of Austin’s Old Three Hundred first settling in the area to the Republic of Texas incorporating Richmond as one of the original 19 towns and beyond. Visitors can delve into the history of Fort Bend County in the permanent exhibit gallery, which features exclusive artifacts and documents from Fort Bend History Association’s extensive archive. Or, take a stroll through majestic oak and magnolia tree groves while on a tour of Long-Smith Cottage and Moore Mansion. The museum also hosts educational programs and special events throughout the year. Fort Bend Museum is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the history and culture of this unique corner of Texas.

410 S 5th St, Richmond, TX 77469

Visit Fort Bend Museum’s Website

Seabourne Creek Nature Park

things to do in rosenberg -- Seabourne Creek Nature Park
City of Rosenberg

Seabourne Creek is a 164-acre Nature Park, featuring a lake, a butterfly garden, a wetlands area, hiking trails, and a 1,025 sq. ft. gazebo rigged with electricity. Stocked with bass, catfish, and perch, the 4-acre lake is an excellent spot for catch-and-release fishing. The picturesque wetlands are teeming with wildlife, perfect for bird watching. And the lush hiking trails are ideal for leisurely nature walks, beginner-friendly biking treks, and scenic jogs. Also, R.W. Lindsey Gazebo is available to rent, making it a lovely space for parties and special events. On that note, the park also hosts public events, such as the Prairie Heritage Festival.

3831 TX-36, Rosenberg, TX 77471

Visit Seabourne Creek Nature Park’s Website

Unwine’d Wine and Cheese Lounge

things to do in rosenberg -- Unwine’d Wine and Cheese Lounge
Unwine’d Wine and Cheese Lounge

Discreetly located down an alleyway in downtown Richmond, Unwine’d Wine & Cheese Lounge is a hidden gem that feels more like a European grotto than a sophisticated wine and cheese lounge. Presenting an extravagant wall of premium wines from all over the world, this cozy wine lounge is the perfect place in town to expand your palate. The bar also includes a vast selection of domestic and imported craft brews. Not to mention, there are elaborate charcuterie boards and daily desserts available on the menu to perfectly complement your silky smooth glass of wine. The interior is tastefully adorned with an intimate fireplace and lounge area where you can watch sports, listen to live music and appreciate a quiet evening of stimulating conversation. Or, take a step outside onto the beautiful patio. It’s a lovely spot for enjoying the downtown sunset with a tasty cigar and a smooth drink.

310 Morton St REAR, Richmond, TX 77469

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Lonestar Saloon

things to do in rosenberg -- Lonestar Saloon

You wouldn’t expect to find a country bar and grill in a century-old building included on Fort Bend County’s registry of historical sites, but you’d be wrong. Welcome to Lonestar Saloon, the best spot in town to pop a cold one and dance the night away. The Lonestar stage is best known for hosting up-and-coming country music artists from all over the state. From boot-slapping honkey tonks to head-banging country rock, Lonestar Saloon is the premier country music venue in town from Thursday to Saturday. Not to mention, Lonestar Saloon claims to have the best burger and coldest beer in town, but that’ll be for you to find out. So put on your favorite pair of boots, slip into your dancing jeans, and check out Lonestar Saloon — the best country bar in town.

102 S 3rd St, Richmond, TX 77469

Visit Lone Star Saloon’s Website


If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, the eight attractions we’ve compiled here are definitely worth considering. But Rosenberg, TX is not only a fun place to play but also a fantastic place to work and live.

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